(GOST 9353-90): Wheat is a grassy plant related to crops. It is one of the most important crops grown by humans for food. The value of this cereal is determined by the content of useful trace elements, the most important of which are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
(GOST 28672-90): Feed barley is a concentrated feed used in livestock, stockbreeding and poultry farming. This agricultural product is one of the most sought-after cereals on the market due to its benefits, nutrient-rich composition and cost.
Feed corn
(GOST 13634-90): Feed corn is a group of varieties that are unpretentious to growing conditions, but meanwhile they have reduced their taste. The grain of such plants is used as a nutritious and inexpensive feed for farm animals: cattle, pigs, poultry. The grain of cereal is rich in vitamins (especially group B) and minerals (magnesium, sodium, iron)
(GOST 10418-88): Lentils - is an annual plant in the legume family, which has a rich composition of vitamins and minerals. Lentils is famous for its rich content of vitamins and minerals, that's why it has been one of the most beloved dishes since time immemorial.
(GOST 28674-90): Peas are a genus of annual herbaceous plants of the legume family. There are a lot of varieties of peas, this is one of the most favourite vegetable crops, which is very popular in all cuisines of the world.
(GOST 8758-76): Dried pea grains are called yellow peas or chickpeas. Yellow peas can be whole and chopped. Chickpea differs from peas in a large size. The pea pod contains significantly more grains than the chickpea pods (just three grains). Regular peas contain more protein than chickpeas.
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