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Oil crop
(GOST 10583-76): Canola is a herbaceous annual plant of the cruciferous family, cabbage genus. There are winter and spring rapeseed. It is widely used in many areas of industry and agriculture. The main product obtained after pressing the seeds is rapeseed oil, which was first used for technical purposes and then in cooking.
(GOST 17109-88): Soy is a plant belonging to the legume family. Of all legumes, this is the most potent source of protein. Soy serves as a raw material for a wide range of food products, and its high content of protein and valuable food components allows it to be used as an inexpensive and healthy substitute for meat and dairy products.
(GOST 22391-89): Sunflower is a genus of herbaceous and shrubby plants, numbering about 100 species. The most famous of these is the Sunflower. Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of oils, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. Thanks to this, sunflower is distributed almost all over the world, and its fruits are actively used in the culinary industry.
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